Just bought 2003 Impala LS.

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by 426Hemi, Aug 1, 2003.

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    So far so good. I know that later this year the SS comes out, but my Jeep Gr. CH. was heading to the dump FAST, and I needed a car that would fit 4 with room to spare. I'm pleasantly suprised so far. It handles way better than I expected. It isnt a straight line monster, after all it is still a V6, but hopefully SLP will help me with that in the future. www.slpeng.com has a couple photos of their "LSX" looks pretty sweet. If anyone else has one lemme know what ya have ran into and what you have done to it.
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    The appearance is nice, but they charge a lot of money for the engine "upgrades".

    I hear that's typical SLP though, I'm not holding my breath for whatever they do to the GTO.
  3. 426Hemi

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    With the GTO I just hope that they modify the hood to look right. They need to make it old school like the '60's era GTO's. Rumor is that they will beef it up to over 400hp.

    As far as SLP and the LS goes, $1,125 isnt TOO bad for cat-back and cold air induction (plus the obligatory badging). I'm sure that I can get it cheaper elsewhere though. I'm happy though, not to shabby for a "family" car.

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