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    awesome fuckin read :bowdown:

    but questions i didn't get answered...


    1. Why did Dan and Laurie get nervous at the end when they met Laurie's mother? Were they still nervous about getting caught even after changing their hair color, looks, style, etc.?

    2. What was the symbolism of Manhattan's ship on Mars? Was it a transient feat of imagination as he escaped his Earth-bound link to "saving" mankind?
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    1. I'm pretty sure that even though Ozy averted nuclear war (possibly), Night Owl and Silk Spectre were still wanted for their acts of vigilantism and for breaking out Rorschach from prison. After all, nobody knows what went down in the arctic, so for all intents and purposes the general public thinks: Rorschach gets arrested, Night Owl and Silk Spectre (very recognizable heroes) bust him out of jail, and then he disappears. So they were still on the run, even though they were laying low.

    2. I'm not sure I understand the question. :o
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    oh god
    WTF spoilers
    you completely ruined everything!

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    volume control nailed the first one, and I too don't really get what you mean by the second question.

    I will say though, your name is sweet.

    9 ftw
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    1. has already been answered

    2. reminds of his description of time and clocks. How everything is built upon some sort design. I would try and expand it but it would take the entire first page of this thread and i might fuck it up. It just reminds me of like past,present and future.
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    2. his big thingermagiger looked like a big gear, or a thing made out of cogs, which was i think supposed to be another instance of Dr. Manhattan being surrounded by clock-related shit. he was a watchmaker before he became Dr. Manhattan. the reason being a watchmaker is important, is because it was an allusion to Paley's (shitty) argument for intelligent design, that essentially the things in the world are so complex that they must have been designed by a designer, just like we'd see a watch and say it was designed. remember how Dr. Manhattan once asked rhetorically when he was on mars, "is the world just a clock with no craftsman?" he also goes on to tell silk spectre that he thinks there is no god, etc.
    clocks are also an important image for his character because being able to control atoms is part of his power of knowing how everything is made - his power also encompasses how the past/present/future relate. they all seem the same to him, so his concept of time is different than ours. also dont forget that he was essentially a walking atom bomb in the eyes of many people, and Moore decided to stick in a quote from Albert Einstein wherein he said that in retrospect, he shoulda been a watchmaker.
    Dr. Manhattans character is a commentary about Design and about Determinism, in the novel. he is basically (a) god, or a designer, in a universe he deems chaotic and undesigned. an example of determinism, he sees the past/present/future and has no free will (and even before he was dr. manhattan the direction of his life was chosen by other people, like his fater), yet in the end, even he didnt foresee what Ozymandias was going to do and was genuinely surprised.

    clocks are also just an important image throughout the book entirely. if you look at the panels now and then you'll see the clock getting closer to 12:00 which was the time when Ozymandias fucked up new york

    and lastly, the title of the novel is WATCHmen, and alan moore appreciates wordplay, i think.

    i think thats the gyst of it, but i've only read it once so far so i might be wrong.
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