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    I'm going to try to post the Just for Today meditations each day in here, you are welcome to comment and respond. Please quote the meditation if you are going to reply, so we know what you are talking about in the future. This post will hopefully be updated daily. They are NA 12-step readings but likely applicable to any program of recovery.

    Sunday, June 27, 2004 Change and growth


    "When someone points out a shortcoming, our first reaction may be defensive. There will always be room for growth."

    Basic Text, p. 35

    Reovery is a process that brings about change in our lives. We need that change if we are to continue our growth toward freedom. It's important that we remain open-minded when others point out our shortcomings, for they are bringing to light opportunitites for us to change and grow. Reacting defensively limits our ability to receive the help they ae offering us; letting go of our defenses opens the door to change, growth, and new freedom.

    Each day in the recovery process will bring an opportunity for further change and growth. The more we learn to greet change with an open mind and heart, the more we will grow and the more comfortable we will become with our recovery.


    Just for today: I will greet each opportunity for growth with an open mind.
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