SRS Just for Today ~ December 20th ~ Overcoming Self-Obsession

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    "In living the steps, we begin to let go of our self-obsession"Basic Text, p. 94

    Many of us came to the program convinced that our feelings, our wants, and our needs were of the utmost importance to everyone. We had practiced a lifetime of self-seeking, self-centered behavior and believed it was the only way to live

    That self-centeredness doesn't cease just because we stop using drugs. Perhaps we attend our first NA function and are positive that everyone in the room is watching us, judging us, and condemning us. We may demand that our sponsor be on call to listen to us whenever we want -- and they, in turn, may gently suggest that the world does not revolve around us. The more we insist on being the center of the universe, the less satisfied we wil be with our friends, our sponsor, and everything else.

    Freedom from self-obsession can be found through consentrating more on the needs of others and less on our own. When others have problems, we can offer help. When newcomers need rides to meetings, we can pick them up. When friends are lonely, we can spend some time with them. When we find ourselves feeling unloved or ignored, we can offer the love and attention we need to someone else. In giving, we receive much more in return -- and that's a promise we can trust.

    Just for today: I will share the world with others, knowing they are just as important as I am. I will nourish my spirit by giving of myself.


    The reason I felt like posting this one is because I think its something every one of us here has to go through or has gone through and are still going through it...

    It also gives the newcomers something to think about, maybe when they're looking to get clean and looking into going into the meetings and are afraid of being judged by others with more time clean...

    I appologize for neglecting this forum, but now that I've got internet access again after being offline for so long, its kind of hard to get back into the swing of things ;)

    One of the reasons I started this forum is because I thought we could all share things and offer help to others, and although its not the most active of forums, its still here for those who need it... and during the holidays, usually I need it, even if its only to offer help to others, I'm perfectly happy doing that :hs:

    I hope everyones holidays are going well... I'm considering finding a meeting for sometime on christmas night to see if there are any down here when I am now to go to....

    Its going to be hard finding a new meeting since I moved, but I've got hopes that I'll find one to my liking that makes me as comfortable as the ones in Washington have made me over the years.
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    Good read and good luck finding the meeting.
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    I'm sure you can find some up there in Spring. If not hit me up.

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