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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Demon Of Dreams, Nov 22, 2003.

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    As we begin to function in society, our creative freedom helps us to sort our priorities and do the basic things firstBasic Text, p. 83

    No sooner do we get clean than some of us begin putting other priorities ahead of our recovery. Careers, families, relationships-- all these are part of the life we find once we've laid the foundation of our recovery. But we can't build a stable life for ourselves before we do the hard, basic work of laying our recovery foundation. Like a house built on sand, such a life will be shaky at best.

    Before we begin putting all our attention to rebuilding the detailed framework of our lives, we need to lay our foundation. We acknowledge, first, that we don't yet have a foundation, that our addiction has made our lives utterly unmanageable. Then, with the help of our sponsor and our homegroup, we find faith in a power strong enough to help us prepare the ground of our new lives. We clear the wreckage from the site upon which we will build our future. Finally, we develop a deep, working familiarty with the principles we will practice in our continuing affairs: honest self-examination, reliance upon our higher power's guidance and strength, and service to others.

    Once our foundation is prepared, then we can go full steam ahead to put our new lives together. But first we must ask ourselves if our foundation is secure, for without our foundation, nothing we build can stand for long.

    Just for today: I will take care to lay a secure foundation for my recovery. Upon such a foundation, I can build for a lifetime in recovery.

    I'm posting this because I'm curious of other peoples takes on it. How well has your foundation been set, or have you really started to form one?
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    I believe this foundation is a mental foundation. It is a mental outlook more than a checklist of items to be remembered day after day.

    That, I believe, is not constructive.

    Once you have made the lifestyle change of recovering from addiction you have, after a period of months, changed both in habit and (more importantly) pysiology.

    Your brain has begun to re-aquanted itself with the natural drugs your body gives it for life and is not any longer depending on forign drugs for it's survival. This is a documented phenominon. MRI's show that even after the use of marijuana the brain reverts back to it's previous state in 2 years.

    An addict cannot deny that these changes in your brain chemistry does effect your thinking and your decision making. While your brain reverts back to it's previous condition you could say that you have 'weak will' because you have not stabalized or become reaquanted with your current mental condition.

    Now; getting back to what we were saying about a 'foundation'. There's a group foundation, mental foundation, lifestyle foundation (your habbits) and so forth.

    For many they HAVE to put down on paper a routine and also write down their spiritual beliefs so as to help them continue with their progress. Do you have to do this? I have no idea, but more importantly I'd like to stress that you are the person who knows youself the best and if in your mind you feel that the suddleties of sobriety are not becoming clear to you then it's important to you to put certain beliefs on paper (or whatever).
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    Lacking foundation = recipe for failure - definitely.

    This and nov. 23rd were really good - hit home

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