just got a new v265 - data cable question

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by pmoney, Jul 31, 2005.

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    So I just got a new motorola v265 (verizon).

    It seems to be a pretty nice phone but I realized that if I take pictures with it, I'll have to pay 25 cents per to send them to an email or whatever.

    So I was looking for the usb data cable so I can hook it straight into my comp, and it seems that the OEM ones cost like 19.95 or more. I dont want to pay that much and I found this on ebay.

    It comes to about 7.50 with shipping. Is this cheap stuff actually work? I wont be using it that much, but will it fit my phone and not mess it up? It appears to be a charger/transfer cable because it takes up both the charger and the data slots on the phone. Any other suggestions on wher to get something like this?

    And another gerneral question about the phone...if someone sends me atext message, I dont pay the 10 cents to recieve and read it until I open the message, correct? Is there a way to preven people from sending texts? I'm just wondering cause I dont want to be paying 10 cents because everuone is sending me messages and 25 cents for picture messages, when I can just call them or whatever.

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