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    A couple of days ago, one of my life long best friends lost his father due to complications during heart surgery. His funeral was today at 2pm, and I missed it because I found out late and could not make arrangements to be there.

    The guy is like a brother to me. My dad died of a heart attack when I was 4 years old, with my little brother on the way 2 months to the day after he died. His mother died shortly after he was born. Both of us have only had one parent for as long as I can rememeber, and as a matter of fact his dad and my mom went out a few times when I was younger.

    Basically Mike taught me alot of things. How to ride a bike, football, baseball, etc. Right now he's having a hard time, and it's affected me more than I would have expected. He's been my "Brother" for 25 years now (there's a ton of story with that so I'll skip it), and I love him as such.

    Anyway, if I seem more harsh or antagonistic than normal please forgive me. I'm just dealing with more than I expected at the moment.

    I'd like to send out a formal apology to Mars Princess to a statement that I made in another thread as well. I had just found out then, and I reacted rather harshly. That was not warranted especially after talking to her and understanding her intent in her post.

    Sorry guys, I'm just really sad right now. Please keep that in mind in anything I say, and if I offend or piss you off feel free to PM me. I'll apologize as soon as I can.

    For those of you that have faith or believe... whatever... I'd ask that you send out prayers (good feelings, thoughts etc) to Mike Edwards and family (Jennifer and McKenna). It's not going to be easy for them int he upcoming time.

    Thanks for listening guys.


    By the way, the Mars Princess statement is meant more or less for LAOT. I copy/pasted because I don't feel much like saying anything more about it at the moment, and regardless I'm sure some can relate.

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