just made a major hardware switch on my closet server, wow what a difference

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by dorkultra, Dec 25, 2007.

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    so previously i had a little server in my closet. it was an amd athlon 1.2ghz with 384mb of ram. it ran server 2003 r2. it had 4 drives, plus a drive for the system. all of them were pata, 2 of those drives were in a software raid 1 configuration. i installed a gigabit card in it several months ago. wired it with cat6 to a gigabit switch. my other desktop computers (also gigabit) barely saw an increase on file transfers. i'd be lucky if i hit 2% network utilization.
    when transferring a file, this server would fluctuate between 79-99% processor usage. sometimes it would drop the connection for a second, then resume it. recently, i have been trying to backup every hard drive in the server, over the network. it would take days sometimes to transfer over 100gb or so. occassionally i would have to start over because it would say the path was not found or some bullshit like that

    tired of that, i took a desktop and retired it to closet server duty. it's an amd athlon 64 3000+ with a gig of ram. it runs winxp pro (server 2003 was overkill for my usage). got rid of the raid 1 config, didn't need it.

    wow, i get network utilization up to 39% sometimes. it's fast as fuck for transferring files. i can stream xvids to several desktops at the same time now.
    obviously samba kinda caps network utilization at 25% or so, but damn is it so much better!
    merry christmas to me
    cliffs: old server was slow, new server actually gives me decent gigabit speeds
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    Congrats, Isn't there a hack for xp to allow more connections?

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