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  1. I recently moved back in with my mother from living elsewhere, and come to find out my mother is addicted to the prescriptions that her dr's have given her. Go figure.
    Before you think that she's been some drug addict her whole life. She hasnt been. In the past few years she was a the manager of a bar, she quit that job when i left town, sick of the world. She started seeing a man, a good man, (but a very old fashioned person) and he talked her into going to the dr and getting whatever is wrong fixed. So she did. Now almost 2 years later she's still going. She's been through five or six surgeries which dont get me wrong, she needed, and is now on more pain meds for her knee which hasnt worked right for a couple years now. She doesnt handle pain well any longer apparently. My mother use to be a strong woman up until recently when she crumbled at the slightest sign of her being in the wrong. Its like she's a child and all she can say is "I was bad" or "i've been being good". I dont know what to do. Her boyfriend is aggravated with her, he doesnt know how to handle it, neither do I really. he's gotten to the point that he's told her that she's addicted to these meds and stays so fucked up on them that she cant even say her name at times. Her process of thought doesnt work right. It wouldnt be such a problem if all of the dr's worked together and discussed all of the meds that she's on. But they dont. And she doesnt see it that way. The psychologist puts her on mind bending meds that really she doesnt need. She wants Valium, they wont give it to her. None of it makes sense to me. The Gyn says its menopause. What am I to do. I got into it with her boyfriend on the way to class today. Told him that they have to stop fighting and bringing me in the middle of it. That I dont know what else to do about it. I understand them venting to me about each other, because I live there. But good god, I came home because i missed my mother, and all i'm finding is pain and a 5 year old crying on the floor. What do I do?
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    you need to be strong around her. Maybe if she sees her child strong she can be strong too and get some of the strength from you. Other than that I suggest you be around her. I mean she took care of you when you were young, the least you can do is be there for her and try to take care of her. Possible get different opinions from other doctors? :dunno:
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    Chronic pain can be really horrible, and if she needs the meds... then she needs the meds. Sounds like a bad situation, whether she is addicted, or has a real need for the pain medication. I don't really know what to tell you. I think I might call all her doctors and tell them each the complete list of medication that she is on, and express your concerns, if I were you.

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