COMIC Just saw Beserk *.* yesterday...

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Dropping__Chronic, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. ALL FOUR DVD's in a row.

    Fucking badass series. Also started watching Samurai X (I can't remember how to spell the real name), which is another hit.

    Spriggan just arrived in the mail today as well. :bigthumb:

    Beserk was a truly great series, can't wait for the rest of it.:bowdown: :bowdown:
  2. tom3

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    Jun 17, 2002
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    samurai x = rurouni kenshi (this one is really good)
    i'm prob gonna start watching berserk this weekend :wiggle:
  3. If you haven't bought all 4 existing Berserker DVD's, you are gonna be pissed.

    I still am because it was ending after four DVD's. I watched until 1am last night, continuous Berserk from the first scene.

    The 5th DVD is due out March 25th and I can't WAIT. The music and fighting is killer, as is the dialogue and plot.

    Guts > *

    I would pay to see Guts vs. Jubei from Ninja Scroll. :bigthumb:
  4. Mega-JC: Da Return

    Mega-JC: Da Return Tiger Knee!

    Sep 7, 2001
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    Tacoma, Wa
    heh I couldn't wait till the last dvd came out so I dled the last eps from kazaa :)
  5. Is the next CD the last of the series? Is that the end of Berserk?

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