GAME Just started Persona Revelations


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Apr 28, 2005
Any helpful tips? I saw some videos of the 4th and it looked pretty cool but I don't want to just jump in without having played the first ones.

I looked over a few guides but the information that was useful seemed few and far between.

Game is a little slow and there seems to be a very complicated battle system involving the personas and whatnot... have to talk to monsters to get cards and all this other stuff... am I getting into a 100hr+ game?

I remember playing it when I was 11ish but I never got anywhere, I suppose I just never paid any attention to what people were saying and ended up roaming the map aimlessly. Almost felt that way when I started, i hate the way the map works.

Seems pretty interesting overall but maybe a little too big on the anime story telling aspect.


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Apr 28, 2005
This game is riddled with grammatical errors, poor translation, people calling people the wrong things, missing plot points from the japanese version, butchered hugely from the original game.

It's too complicated, I mean it's cool and all but the whole persona/card deal takes a life time to get right and figuring out where your characters should stand and the battles are far too slow, every animation is drawn out as long as it could possibly take.

I'll probably finish, the next ones had best be better. I reiterate though, is it a continuing story or am I going to get a new set of quirky characters in the next?

I also told brad to fuck off and found Ellen instead :o

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