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    I dont expect people to write back to me except just to listen and give me a smilie if u care just a little bit.

    Alot of the stuff I wrote on Off Topic is false, mainly because we are all here to entertain each other. We try to get make up stories and exaggerate so that we are more than e-cool.

    I still cant forget what happened last year attending school. I felt really hard for a girl but she is such a gold digger, a cheater and a girl with a kid. Maybe its destiny that I am so attractive to her even after 10 months of not talking to her. I was introduced to her by one of my friends. My ex boss also tried to help me with dealing with this girl. You might ask, why da hell is my ex-boss involved in this. Its because she really likes me as a person. she had a crush on me when I was working there and she really wanted me to succeed in life.

    Its not that I dont want to date this girl named Clarissa back in December, its more like I was crushed that the girl of my dream is such a whore. In addition, I checked into rehab because I was depressed because the girl who made me a man was such a bitchy whore. Now after 10 months, I am asking my ex-boss to give me some advice on how to get her back. I know its hard on everyone, but I really have no choice. I really try to forget her for the past 10 months and it just wont work. For the last 2 months, I cant eat, sleep, and work. I even tried to goto Amsterdam to get my mind off of things, but nothing works.

    Why is this world so cruel? I ve dated a few girls here and there, but my world still revolves around this cheating whore. My mood has been so unstable for the past 2 weeks. I dont even have fun going out with friends anymore. When we are at the club, I would just stand there and think of how I can get her back.

    I know there are tons of threads of these women related topics. I just want to vent. My friends tell me to move on, which I should do, but I have the non-forgetting personality. I lost alot of my memories, but once i was fully recovered, my mind has been going crazy. My non-forgetting memory is probably my only weakness. Its like I have photographic memory. If I see something, I never forget it. I guess its also one my strength.

    I have everything in life right now. I m buying a new car, cool job, lots of friends, all the money possible at my age, but I just cant move on.

    I will continuously update this thread. I dont want to make everyone here sad.
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    You have to understand that love should go both ways, this woman doesn't love you , making any kind of relationship with her completely meaningless. She doesn't want to be with you, she wants your money.

    You need to bring back the power of your life back where it belongs, namely in your hands. Otherwhise your just the emotional soccerball of others to play with. Why keep on beating a dead horse? It will remain dead forever, and even tho you have a photographic memory you must realise that that memory is meaningless, you are walking a road that leads to nowhere, the sooner you realise that, the sooner you will get back to a meaningfull life.

    You don't have to forget her, you can love her for the rest of your life, you just have to realise that it has come to a dead end road for both of you. Find a person who loves you and puts you as her nr.1 in life and vice versa, that way your relationship becomes a meaningfull experience for both of you.

    You don't live in a cave , maby in those days it was the end of the world due to the lack of other people to find, nowadays we have 6 billion people in this world, im sure you can find someone who's even better then her. Don't throw yourself down the loophole man, there's a whole new world out there waiting for you, you just have to take the oppertunity and grab the chances life throws at you. :wavey: hang in there, even tho its hard.
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    was she the one that used your Amex, well got herself on your card? Or was that just bullshit for the sake of offtopic because I remember when you pretended to be a girl too LOL..

    I also have photographic memory, I can't remember every little detail, but I remember a lot. I used to be able to do good on tests if minutes before I went over my notebook and I could pull them out of my mind lol... I guess it was cheating, but I got good marks either way lol.

    If my old girlfriend who cheated on me walked back into my life before my current girlfriend I would have tried to get back with her too. Sometimes you have a lot of emotion tied to a specific time, or person and its hard to let go.

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