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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by bounty_hunter, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Brief history: I hated this man for a while, what he did to my mother was unforgivable but he always treated me as though I was one of his own ever since I was adopted, he knew I never was really around my real dad so he tried to fill the void.

    Two weeks ago down in florida (my mother and him are seperated) he suffered from a horrible headache causing him to crash is armored truck. He went in for surgery (I still don't know the details I think it was to release tension in the brain). I thought it was just the kharma he deserved, making the family feel like shit, stealing money from the house so he can cheat on my loyal mother, he was getting his comeuppins I thought.

    My mother (she's a bible thumper so she forgives easily) urged me to talk to him for about 2 weeks..I couldnt because I always thought that he would try to guilt me and ramble on for hours as he always did. I just went downstairs to get some water and my mom handed me the phone and it was him.

    He sounded destroyed..a broken man. He basically told me how they put him under for the he suffered 3 heart attacks and they had to bring him back..but he was glad he could talk to me.

    The last thing he said before he asked for my mother keep fighting for myself, something I gave up a long time ago. That I am special and that the hardships I've gone through have made me a greater man that he could ever dream of..and that 5 years from now he wants me to see me as something great. The way he said the last part (the five years)..wasn't convincing, I think he knows he's going soon. After I went to get my mom I was in shock but as I type this I'm tearing up.

    there really wasn't any question to this..but I just had to reflect on everything. Usually when someone died it was usually a quick death, I never heard them repent..I never heard words so sincere :wtc:

    it makes me really sad to think that someone dying had to relit my "inner fire"..I told him that I would be something great and now I really do believe in myself. :hs:

    Anyone else ever go through something similar?
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    Its a bit unclear ' someone dying ' Just talked to my father , wether he's still alive or not :noes:

    Your mother is urging you for a reason, and i will do for the same reason namely. You need to tie the loose ends together, before your dad (passes) away if you can, try to grow forgiveness for what he did, for helas you'll only be in a state of hell yourself if you are unable to forgive.

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