COMIC just watched whole evangelion series *spoiler*

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by apathy, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. apathy

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    I haven't watched death + rebirth / end of evangelion yet, haven't had time.

    all I can say is.. wtf

    wtf is with all that 'I am the me that exists in your mind and you are the you that exists in your mind' and all that stuff, ending in applause standing on the planet? it was like a personal growth seminar.

    explain? I undestood it on the surface, but failed to grasp the implications and how it related to other aspects of the plot.
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    Aug 23, 2003
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    go watch end of eva... you will love it.

    ( and don't waste your time with death & rebirth.. thats nothing more then a giant series recap )
  3. TerryMathews

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    Without putting any spoilers here, think of the dialog in 25/26 as what is going though Shinji's mind just before he's on the beach in EoE.

    I know that's kinda vague but you won't miss it.

    Supposedly there wasn't enough budget for the TV series to do the ending that Anno wanted. He didn't comprimise and made 25/26 hoping there would be a movie.

    I have to give it to Anno, he doesn't comprimise his ideas.
  4. apathy

    apathy Guest

    i did notice that towards the end of teh series the 'next episode' trailers were 5 minute sketches.... guessing they were under huge pressure to get episodes out?

    I'll watch it on friday

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