Karen lectures black man in Bed Stuy about why she’s allowed to threaten black children


President Joe Biden Vice President Kamala Harris
Aug 11, 2003
@Remy Bressant is the kind of OTer to complain about cancel culture yet still make this thread:
But she was a female minority who isn’t traditionally attractive so the corporate attorneys didn’t have to fend off lawsuits from special interest groups and PR didn’t have to go up against the woke cancel culture lynch mobs online.
Rose, the purple haired yasss queen chick, the gay kissing, the stubby little female resistance officers, all forced into the films purely to assuage the most vociferous professional victims who pose a liability to marketing and PR.
Honestly, wouldn’t give two shits about a gay couple in the film if the characters made sense and were written well. But they weren’t, they were forced in as a ploy.
we created this problem by allowing shady lawyers to justify huge financial pay outs for “feelings” and giving into an entire generation of spoiled children who throw tantrums to get their way.
Changing the name really is of no consequence, but continuing to give the cancel-culture twitter mob more power isn’t good for anyone.

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