Kawasaki Vulcan 800

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  1. This is gonna be my first bike. I have no experience in riding, and i cant afford the insurance on a sports bike. Anything i should know? especially about the bike itself. Thanks

    (I just put a downpayment yesterday)
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    info, bike insurance only covers the bike and other people, if u skin off ur legs its up to ur health insurance so invest in good gear, depending on ur budget ofcourse. (atleast thats what i think, correct me if im wrong ofcourse)

    Leather jacket and some uhh, damn i forgot the term, it measures the fabric strength ( i think its denure or something), if u got a big enough budget then kevlar pants are the shit for abrasive resistance. and of course get a good comfortable helmet, ie Shoei or Arai, theres other good brands as well as other styles etc.

    Just remember investing in decent protective gear is like getting insurance for your body.

    hows the gas mileage on that vulcan? and what is ur 6month premium for insurance (or however u r paying it)
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    I've heard good things and I know a few people that have vulcan and they like them.
  5. cool thanks, the insurance for me and my dad together is 4k (CDN) a year, weer both beginners. Im not sure the monthly payment, but i think the bike is like 9k alltogther.
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    my mother in law has one...good bike for a cruiser. Hell of a lot better than going with a harley.
  7. ok cool.n Ya baout the crash/slide bars, im not sure how much they cost. But Kawasaki gave us $750 to choose accessories from.

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