Keep my Thinkpad T23 or get an Axim X50

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Scream_Phoenix, Oct 3, 2004.

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    the X50 release date is getting closer. the vga model is looking promising with the 612mhz xscale and vgascreen, wifi and bluetooth. estimated price is 499$USD, but ill get at least 5% of that off through my company as well as any launch promos they offer. i currently have a thinkpad t23 1ghz for mobile work, i dont really need a laptop(right now its at my girlfriends and i havent realy missed it too much). but its nice to have tho, especially when its the end of the term and i have papers due. i can work at the library.

    the advantage of the axim is that its smaller, i could take it anywhere (everywhere :big grin: ), rather than having to get organized and set up my laptop when i use it elsewhere. it turns on instantly so it would be faster for quick uses and things, i could use it as a mp3 player pull it out for games, use the bluetooth to access my phones gprs and download emails while im out, not that any of them are important :o

    disadvantages are smaller screen size, limited usage, ie stripped down apps etc. i havent had a pocket pc before but i have made decent use of an old casio organizer. $499 is a lot tho if im just going to buy it and have it be my "new toy" for a couple months, which is entirely possible.

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    what's on your t23? the axim x50 is looking nice, especially w/ the vga. not too sure on the x50 though, b/c the build quality on the previous moddes like x3 were awful.

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