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    Most people probably haven't really heard of it, and if they have, it probably goes under the radar.

    Taken from plot summary of ANN:
    Erin-chan is the young 10 year old daughter of Soyon-san. She is an outsider in a village that takes care of the Grand Duke's military might, the toudas. Her mother, Soyon-san, is an outsider vet brought in to take care of the toudas. Erin-chan encounters many problems and learns many new things while aspiring to become a vet, like her mother, who cares for the all important toudas.

    That summary is pretty much sums just the beginning of it. It follows Erin from when she's 10 years old, 14 years old, 18 years old, and the events that follow afterwards. Beginning starts a bit slow, but things just start happening by around episode 7. Storyline is incredibly solid. Very similar feel to Serei no Moribito (same author who wrote light novels).

    The only thing is that it has a watercolor type of animation to it, so most people might get turned away for that reason. Also, there are a couple of annoying characters for comic relief. Other than that, the character development is amazing.

    CN: Must watch for those who like great plot and character development.
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    glad someone else watched this as well. it started off slow but it picks up after a few eps. Overall enjoyable series but her side kicks were fucking annoying :madfawk:

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