Kenwood VR-7070??

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ryancutler, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. ryancutler

    ryancutler Guest

    Anyone have any reviews or experience on this receiver?
    Ya, I know it's THX certified, but is it a good buy? I currently have an Onkyo SR-TX500...

    What's everyone's opinion of it?

  2. 04

    04 Guest

    Unless the Kenwood has some special features that your current Onkyo doesnt, its unlikely you will hear any difference.

    Your current receiver supports dolby digital and dts right?

    What speakers are you running?
  3. ryancutler

    ryancutler Guest

    [​IMG] L/R Channels are these sony's

    [​IMG]Center channel, and surrounds are sony's as well. Not sure of exact model.

    The kenwood has 35 more watts/channel than my onkyo. Also, I believe it has a few other options that my base model onkyo doesn't. I almost picked up the THX onkyo a couple months back for a little over $400 (normally $~800 or so) but, naturally, didn't have the money for it at the time...

    Right now, my setup is very clear, but not loud enough for my tastes..
  4. 04

    04 Guest

    If its not loud enough your only option then is to buy a much larger amplifier or new speakers.

    Right now if you assume the Onkyo is rated at say 70 watts and the Kenwood at 105 watts that means the difference in sound is 10log(105/70) = 1.76dB

    That is hardly going to make any difference in the output. If you want a significant change in the sound, you are going to need over 200 watts or so, but at that point, I doubt your speakers are going to be able to handle that kind of power.

    IMO, your best bet is to buy a new pair of highly efficient speakers. Look into brands such as Klipsch, with 100 watts, some of their top models can hit 115+ decibels.
  5. ryancutler

    ryancutler Guest

    The speakers i have (well, the towers anyways) are rated to 200w. Any recommendations for good receivers (powerful too) for ~$800?

    What is the max I will have to worry about running to center/rears? (anything over 100 and i'm sure these sony's will xplod.)
  6. 04

    04 Guest

    I realize they may be rated at 200 watts, but there is a factor known as power compression you must take into account. With high power input levels above 50 watts or so (it really starts to happen at this level), you will not have a linear rise in output with regards to your input power. So by the time you finally feed the speakers 200 watts, you will probably have only gained around 1 decibel over 100 watts.

    And that simply is not worth it. You really will be dissapointed if you spend 800 dollars on a receiver and expect a lot more output. And you also will not find a 5 channel receiver that puts out a true 200w x 5 for less than 1000 dollars.

    If you have 800 dollars to spend, I really would reccomend getting a pair of Klipsch RF-35's. They should sound quite a bit better than your current Sony's and will get extremely loud with the 70 watts per channel the Onkyo puts out.
  7. ryancutler

    ryancutler Guest

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