Kicker 12V Comp with a Alpine 250W amp question.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Heero, Oct 4, 2003.

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    Jul 24, 2002
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    Recently I just purchased a 300 watt Kicker 12v Comp, and it bumps pretty nice... decent, nothing spectacular. But then here's the question: It came with a 250 Alpine amp, and recently I learned that it doesn't push 250W at all times ( Yea I'm kinda new ). My boss at work ( he also works at a stereo shop ), told me that, and he said the best way to push the sub to it's close to max power is to get a 800 W amp. Do you guys know how much of a difference it will make? Will a 800W amp blow my sub?

    If you guys recommend me getting a bigger amp, give me some brands or something you can recommend. Thanks for your help.
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    Well your boss is not exactly giving you good information. While your subwoofers might be able to handle 800 watts for brief peaks, I doubt you listen to music that has a high dynamic range. To put it simply, thats too much power for what you want the woofers to do (you listen to rap, and like the bass loud right?). The 250 watt alpine amplifier should be plenty of power for the subwoofer. But your boss is right, the amplifier doesnt push 250 watts at all times, at one point in time the amp may be at full output, and then another, its at near zero output. However, this doesnt mean its not a good match for your subwoofer.

    If your current woofer is not loud enough, you will most likely want to either buy another of the same woofer, a new woofer, or build a new box for your existing woofer.

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