A&P Killer Microdrive idea :cool: Anybody use Microdrives?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by uflathead, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. uflathead

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    I'm soon thinking of buying a Nikon D70 when it's released in a few eeeks and I'm trying to get ideas on related purchases. Obviously storage is going to be a big concern and I'm wondering about a Microdrive.

    I found a couple threads at DP Review forums about guys buying Creative Labs Muvo2 4gig mp3 players and stealing the Microdrives out of them and them reformatting them and using them in their cameras. The Muvo's can be had for $199 so the price is definitely right. I know Bioyuki had one fail a while back but has anybody else had any problems? I'm looking for feedback because I might go this route instead of buying CF cards.:)
  2. Mike Panic

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    Sep 2, 2003
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    ive used 1gig microdrives before in a studio setting in a friends eos 1d... and you must b extremely gentle with them... as they are mini hard drives

    that said - i shoot an eos 10d and MUCH prefer solid state cf cards - if you drop it, you don't have to worry about it not working... and there is also less of an issue w/ dust getting into them and ruining the moving parts.

    write speeds are also much faster on cf cards
  3. one66stang

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    Dec 19, 2001
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    Midland Texas
    I use a 1gig IBM Microdrive and have never had a problem. I am not overly carefull with it.
  4. TypeSDragoon

    TypeSDragoon Guest

    i prefer CF cards
  5. jack black

    jack black Guest

    dont know much about microdrives but your not going to be able to have a d70 in a few weeks

    it is being introduced at the pma show in a couple weeks and probably wont start shipping until late march / early april

    and given nikon's track record will probably be more like april / may

    looks like it will definitely be worth the wait though considering the competition in that price range
  6. HaydenMac

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    May 31, 2001
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    Montgomery County, MD
    I have done some extensive web research as far as opinions on CompactFlash vs. Microdrive, and I've found a few things worth noting when considering purchase:
    -Microdrives take up a helluva lot more battery power to use than CompactFlash
    -Microdrives are inherently more expensive and fragile
    -4 GB Microdrives may only yield 2.2 GB of usable space on certain cameras. Check to see if your camera can support 4 GB FAT formatting, I think its called.
    -Hitachi bought out IBM's microdrive business, so if you see in literature where "IBM Microdrives supported" that really refers to the now-owned-by Hitachi Microdrives.

    I'm still hesitating buying a new CF card for a recently acquired Nikon Coolpix 5700 just because I can't find a really good deal on a Lexar CF card in the range of 128/256 MB.

    I would probably use a Microdrive for my AC Adapterized shots and save the CF for battery-powered shots.
  7. uflathead

    uflathead Guest

    I'm aware of the limitations of the MicroDrives such as slower write speeds, more power consumption, etc. It just seems that $200 for 4 gigs of storage is pretty damn cheap compared to CF cards. I'll still buy at least one decent sized Cf for going to the races.

    I'm thinking that for 2 - 4 day roadtrips where I won't have access to a computer the MD would come in handy. I think it'll also be just fine for doing scenery pics, which I like to do, since you're not firing off one pic after another in rapid succession. Most of the stuff I like to shoot is still-life and scenery so I don't need ultra fast writing speeds.
  8. StevesVR4

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    Jul 1, 2003
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    If the camera literature mentions support for the Microdrive, I don't think they will use up that much more battery power. Battery use can be an issue if the camera doesn't officially support the Microdrive.
    Isn't the opposite actually true? Price per MB (or GB) is in the Microdrive's favor. For example, Newegg has 2GB CF cards for $415-538 per card. They also have a 2.2GB Microdrive and only charge $185 for it. Their 1GB CF cards run from $206-305 each. The Microdrives are by far the cheaper option. I also don't think fragility is that big of a problem. People can be pretty rough with their laptops and hard drives to fail that often. They are a lot better at absorbing shock then in previous years. You probably will only have problems if you are constantly jarring the camera while the card is in use. If that is the case, you will have a problem with the camera too.
    This is not a problem limited to Microdrives. ANY CF card over 2.2 GB requires a camera that supports FAT32, not just the Microdrives.
    Not a big deal. New name, same product.
  9. uflathead

    uflathead Guest

    I keep reading middle of March so hopefully that's correct. If so, then it's just a few weeks away. I'm hoping my connections at work will be able to get me one as soon as they're available. I can't get any idea on what my cost will be through work but if it's similar to the discount I can get on a DigRebel I should be able to pick up the body for around $875 - $900.

    The one thing I'm wondering about though is my choice of lens. I'm not sure whether to spend the $300 on the matching Nikon DX 18 - 70mm or to put that towards something else that has a little greater zoom range. Ideally I'd like something that was equivilant to a 28 - 200mm with decent speedand fairly good quality. I just can't afford to spend a bunch on lenses right now. I have Nikon 50mm f1.8 and Tokina 80 - 200mm f4.5 - 5.6 manual lenses from my old N2000 that supposedly will work on the D70 in manual mode.
  10. johnson

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    Nov 21, 2003
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    I just read a thread on DP Review where a guy was using his microdrive for a photoshoot but it was lagging so bad he got upset. He was taking 5 shot bursts and he would have to wait 40-45 seconds to shoot again. Transcend has a new 2.2GB CF card out for $185 shipped. Havent read anything about it though. Im looking to buy a 512 or 256 for my Canon G2 since I have a 20GB Archos JBMM for storage.

  11. Normie

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    Mar 31, 2002
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    Back in PA!
    If you are doing burst shooting.. NO no good.. just the slowness sucks. However, on my last trip I took a 128 CF, a 256 CF, and my 1 Gig Micro Drive. What was great is I could toss the microdrive into the camera and shoot a good 150 pics (as I have about 600 megs of MP3's, swap out for the 256 and throw the micro in my MP3 player and have music as I was walking and taking photos.. I am not extremely careful with my microdrive, but am as careful with it as I am with my camera and CF card..

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