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    Here is the thread that started it all:

    The deal initially started off as:

    AMD 2500+ Barton
    MSI KT4A-V m/b
    1mb pc3200 DDR memory
    ATI 9800XT vid card

    Kira then realized that he only had 512mb pc3200 memory and lowered the price to $100 USD shipped.

    So good so far.

    As you can see I contacted Kira and told him I was interested. I further asked Kira if he would guarantee against DOA. Kira confirmed he would.

    We PM'd one another about payment, He preferred PayPal, I informed Kira, that my PayPal acount was closed recently b/c I hadn't used it for 3 years.

    I informed Kira I would present him a money order prior to him shipping on the condition that he guaranteed no DOA on any of the components shipped. Kira agreed. Kira waited for my money order to clear his bank (reasonable) and then he shipped.

    I received Kira's UPS package on 6/1/07 (UPS tracking #1Z9V85070341420290.

    I must state at this point that one of the most attractive items in Kira's sale was the 9800XT. Kira's packaging for the most part was sound, however, he packaged the 9800XT in a anti-static bag that was left loose in the overall motherboard package.

    Over the next week I set up the components that I had purchased. Since Kira couldn't supply the original drivers, I went to the original manufacturers sites and had d/l them myself.

    The first time I started the system, I got crazy pixels on my monitor. At that point, I switched in my old reliable Ti4200 and the system started fine.

    I have in my PM box communications many communications from kira prior to sending him the money, very few after he cashed it.

    Kira's next to last communication involved me leaving him + feedback. I had just finished setting up the parts and informed Kira that the vid card was DOA. I further reminded him he guaranteed no DOA in his commuications to me that he guaranteed no DOA.

    At this point Kira communicated everything was fine when he disassembled the system 2 weeks before. I asked Kira if he thought I was dishonest?

    At that point Kira stopped communicating with me. I didn't want a refund, just an adjustment for the DOA vid card he sold me. I provided kira with my home phone number. I received no phone call to discuss. I e-mailed a last chance e-mail to Kira which if he disputes this I will post. And to this day, Kira has not communicated.

    Based on this transaction, I would recommend everyone to stay away from kira's auctions like the plague.

    Kira is not honest. He does not communicate well after receiving funds for the sale.

    I only hope kira responds so that I will post out PM's to really point out what a flake kira is.

    Bottom Line, stay away from Kira Yamato OT sales.
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    Let me rephrase that.

    Stay away from kira Yamato unless you're into getting ripped off:ugh2:
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    Bumpage to once again say that kira yamato sucks weenie :rolleyes:
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    because i have had 2 other transactions 200+ and 600+ with no difficulties,

    all components were taken out of a "WORKING COMPUTER" then shipped to you.

    your bad, on your end.
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    You were dishonest to me up front. I asked you to guarantee no DOA. You agreed. My part of the deal was to send you a $100 money order. I fulfilled my part of the transaction. You did not. Vid card was bad, no matter what you say. Like I can put the rest of the parts together and couldn't insert the vid card into the motherboard:rolleyes:

    After you received the money order and I told you the vid card was bad, you stopped communicating entirely.

    I provided you with my home phone. You failed to contact me. I provided you with my personal email. You failed to contact me. I emailed your personal Gmail, you didn't answer my email.

    Personally, you're a flake, and I hope this clues people into how you deal with people who you screw over.

    I think we both know, you would have never sold that set-up minus the 9800XT, nor would I have bought it from you. You shipped the vid card in a static envelope, loose in the motherboard box 3,000 miles across country and then have the balls to get on here and claim it was good. Maybe it was when it left Florida. It wasn't any good when it arrived to me here in California.

    People who read this can decide for themselves what they will. I'm only trying to prevent them from getting hosed by a flake. Honest people try and work out their differences, and we both know how you responded.

    One of these days, you'll pull this crap to someone who lives a little closer to you than I do, and you'll suffer the consequences;)
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    Originally Posted by BoomBoomBoy
    Originally Posted by Kira Yamato
    Originally Posted by BoomBoomBoy
    Originally Posted by Kira Yamato
    Originally Posted by BoomBoomBoy
    Originally Posted by Kira Yamato
    Originally Posted by BoomBoomBoy
    Originally Posted by Kira Yamato
    Originally Posted by BoomBoomBoy
    Originally Posted by Kira Yamato
    Originally Posted by BoomBoomBoy
    Is that $100 shipped? I've had quite a bit of family illness going on right now. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

    nope not yet

    where are u located? i hope your not in canada

    zip code = XXXXX


    did u want it?

    paypal is

    I'm sorry for our communication breakdown. My mother passed away this morning. I had asked you if the $100 price was shipped. You haven't answered me yet. What I told you earlier is I will pre mail you a money order or cashier check beforehand you mail the product.

    I just want you to guarantee me no DOA for the product shipped.

    If the product is $100 plus shipping, you need to give me a total cost with shippingg to a 5 zip code.

    You seem like a nice guy, just don't screw me for being a trusting guy pre-paying you.

    its 100 shipped

    Give me your mailing address for the pre-paid money order. My mailing address is:

    XXXXX XXXXXX St. # 2

    I'll either send you the MO tomorrow or Friday. I still have personal issues going on. You can consider this sale final. I will not screw you around and hang you up.

    Please just again guarantee me this product will not be DOA.


    just tell me when the MO goes out and ill ship it out via UPS with tracking

    ya its not gonna be DOA

    It's still available, right??

    did you send it?

    Western Union M.O. sent in the amount of $100.


    roger. thanks itll go out when the MO is cashed

    Just in case you want to deny again, that you didn't guarantee me no DOA:rolleyes:

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