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Feb 14, 2009
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uggggg I'm so sorry. Is she in pain? Did you get her to the vet? What kind of food do you feed her? dry or wet?

seems a bit off but still eating and drinking. she gets wet food 2x a day and there's a bowl of dry food out there for whoever. won't refill that one in the morning until her tooth is fixed. not doing an ER trip tonight but she'll see a vet asap. has a spay appt for the 20th or something but will track down something sooner for a dental.

not joking start a tiktiok featuring your animals, cats and possums are popular. then once you get an ok size following people will start helping you pay to spay and vet bills.

edit: psa you have to say you are saving up to spay cally or cat patrol will roast you up and down. people that don't spay cats or professional breeders get a ton of hate!

no worries, not going to start a tiktok lol. but yea i know, in enough cat groups to have seent the ruthlesness. lotsa dumbass pet owners out there though jfc. "my cat wont stop meowing and spraying so i threw her outside!" "no she isnt fixed, why would i do that?"
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Uppity ass cat-changing name from kitty to Karen
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Jul 23, 2004
Just cat venting-Garbo ate another one of my masks-she like to chew the strings until they break. I was annoyed with her so I didn’t pet her on the steps, her fav spot. So the little hussy went and dragged one of my shirts to the steps!
While I dealing with her, her sister decided cats do indeed like strawberries, and started dragging one from my bowl. Caught her and she put it down. I think they hit the terrible twos.


Jun 4, 2000

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