GUN Kiwi tries to rob gun store with a machete

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  1. This was a while ago Ill see if i can find it. but this kiwi guy tried to rob a gun store and got shot in the stomach.

    The criminal wanted to kill himself.

    Bedside hearing for man charged with gunshop attack"A man has had a special bedside hearing before a judge at the Auckland city hospital on Monday, after allegedly attacking a gunshop worker with a machete.

    Ricky Beckham, 29, was shot in the stomach at the shop, Small Arms International in the suburb of Penrose on Thursday.

    He has been charged with assault with intent to rob.

    The police allege he walked into the gun shop and raised a machete in the air, shouting that he wanted guns. They say the shop employee Greg Carvell repeatedly warned Mr Beckham before firing a shot to his stomach.

    It is alleged Mr Beckham later told detectives he wanted a gun to kill himself.

    Mr Beckham remains in hospital and at the special hearing was remanded in custody to reappear in court next week.

    The family of the person who shot the accused, say they are pleased charges have been laid, but had hoped he would face more serious charges."
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    Knife... gun fight... ?
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    +1,:werd:, machete-boy is a dumbass :slap:

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