SRS know what i like just not sure what i should do

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    this is kinda a weird thing to ask or write about but i wouldnt mind a little insight. im 23 and finally have gotten around to getting my associates. ya its kinda pathetic but i wouldnt change a thing about how i got to this point really, well a few minor things maybe. i think its made me an interesting person and others seem to agree with me. but im still not quite sure what i wanna do for the rest of my life so i guess ill just start listing things i know i like/want.

    traveling- after a 2 week trip to japan by myself last year to visit my brother that lives there and to see the cherry blossoms, ive decided i wanna do that every year till i cant anymore cause of responsibilities. this summer im going to do a volunteer trip to africa. Peace corps does sound interesting too.

    sex- well its kinda awesome and becoming more of a part of my life since im finally getting some. but it has always interested me. the nature of it and the thrill of it and the emotion and again it is awesome.

    revenge - ive always wanted to do it and it has always interested me. basically the feeling of the biggest "fuck you" you can do to a person. some people like fish and space, i like revenge the same way its just interesting to me.

    suicide - im not an emo kid really, i mean the thought is always there in my head as a viable option but i have never made any real attempts. like revenge its interesting to me. like a big fuck you to everyone that didnt wanna help or made your life hell. the feeling must be amazing. but if there was a science related to it that i could research it or something i would totally do it.

    being a father - i fully believe i would be a great father. given im in good or okish financial standing id be the perfect father. i constantly think about how amazing i could make my kids. 7 years old wathcing classic movies and listening to mars volta while talking and swearing in the right way like i do sort of. maybe thats extreme but they will be awesome and i wanna experience it.

    video games- i think i have amazing ideas for video games. if i could just make up games and have everyone else program them i would be the happiest man ever. sadly the dream of that ever happening is slowly dying since my age has gotten higher and reality is setting in. but i have a love for video games like a writer does for the word.

    owning a small business - i have always loved arcades and always will. given they are one of the deadest markets out right now i would still wanna open one but i believe i could do it right without a doubt. owning a club or bar or anything in this general range of ideas would be a great thing for me i think. i love the atmosphere or working at a restaurant which i currently do and would love to continue that in this way i guess. if that makes sense.

    comedy - i have always been told im funny. i know i am. like a hot chick knows shes hot i know im funny. its kinda my forte since i was kinda not that attractive whatsoever till like 2 years ago where i cleaned up and actually tried. if i was good at writing which as we can see im not, i would consider writing a career. i do love comedy and making people laugh though i take pride in knowing i can.

    these are things i feel i need to write about. other things i know i like are the usuals: film, music, money, social interaction. dont know entirely why i felt i needed to write this but it probably has to do with the fact im 23 and just got my associates and i need to get my shit together.
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    It's only weird if you think it's weird. I think you're weird for sayin' it's weird.

    You can never go wrong with traveling. It opens up your mind. Good choice, keep going for as long as possible.

    It's kinda awsome?

    I would like to hear of your plan on revenge against a person, how extreme?

    Suicuide is never an option, it's cowardly and selfish. Besides, would you really want to off yourself and have everybody talking shit about you for that! I guess that could be your revenge thing?! The whole secret to life is surviving all the bullshit.

    Sorry, I don't want to be a father. I think this world is too fucked up to bring in a new life. I think I would worry way too much about the well being of my child. Plus, I like my freedom.

    Dude, you're 23 not 83. Wake the fuck up.:mepoke:

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