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    So, shoulda been pretty obvious not to buy anything from someone without an av, taken for 90$ on an ipod shuffle + misc stuff from this guy. Said it'd be shipped 2~ days after payment, assumed all was good. Two weeks later (abit slow, but not too crazy being I'm at an APO in Germany) just when I'm starting to check for the thing, dude sends me a pm about being too sick ta mail out my ipod. I'm abit pissed, but he seemed like a good enough guy, so, whatever, says sorry & it'll get shipped the next day. From this point on (nother solid 2 weeks) no iPod and no responce to any Pm's. I dropped the ball quite abit in making this deal (and not reporting to paypal within 30 days), but hes got afew hundred positive transactions with paypal, so I was tryin to just roll with it. Not that the guy is even on OT much, but, anyway I could get a ban for scamming? :x: Be happy to let any smods go through the PM history. Oh wellz, lookout. :hsd:

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