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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Matrixballer04, Aug 6, 2006.

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    Well.. Yesterday I went and played some paintball and my friends girlfriends friend decided to ride along to go to the mall while we were playing. So after the days over, we are driving back home and my friend and his girlfriend are trying so hard to hook us up. But I'm just not letting it happen. So we go to the movies later that night and she goes too, so my friend and his gf make us sit together. So we are sitting there watching The Descent and my other friend won't stop talking to her to try and get her to make a move on me so she asks to hold my hand :rolleyes: and I said sure and we sat through the movie like that. Then afterwards my friend wouldn't shut up in the car saying shit to her like "Grab his junk....he'll like it" and other stuff like that. But we dont and then they keep telling us to exchange pohone numbers and I finally give in so now I have her number and she is prolly expecting a call and Im just not into her. I mean I like her personality and such but I just don't find her attractive.

    So what should I do? I don't wanna do anything to upset her or anything.....

    Any advice?

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    your friend and his girlfriend seem like real douchebags. the best idea is just to confront them and tell them to stop making you and the other girl feel awkward. if you tell them face to face while you three are alone and do it in a completely serious tone, they'll get the idea and stop bothering you. as for the girl, just call her and tell her that she's not your type, or that you're "kind of talking to someone else." something that'll let her know that she doesn't have a future with you.
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    Are you all in high school? Just tell ur friends to stop because you're not interested in the girl as anything more than a friend.

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