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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by unorthadox, Apr 30, 2007.

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    another excuse
    Well... I've been prety lost the last little while. Normally, I have always been operating on some "vague" level but recently its stepped up a bit.

    School wise, I can't decide what to major in. I've already gone through 3 years of business administration studies and now I need to decide what to concentrate in. Thing is, I have no clue. No preference really. It's almost like anything is alright, but nothing is ok. I don't even know if I want to stay in business! There's just so many questions floating around that I find myself spinning my tires in mud.

    Career wise, I have no ambition. Well, as of now. Since it's summer I need to find a summer job to pay the bills for school and housing and have been applying to a whole slew of jobs, but no luck yet. The problem is that right now I'm looking more favorably towards a landscaping job as opposed to something with accounting or business related. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Considering I AM in the business proram you'd think I would find that area of study interesting. This lack of ambition is evident even when I do get jobs - last summer I worked in the finance department of a firm and just felt complacent in doing what I was told. Everything was routine, it just felt like I was wasting my life away one day at a time.

    Life wise, I can't decide on going after girls. As far as I can remember I've lacked the strength to approach girls right away. When I do finally work up the courage I sputter something out inappropriately or wait too long. It's actually embarrasing me right now, thinking back of all the times. Now in university, there are so many girls and its just killlling me not being able to go up to them. Apparently I am "known" as a socialable one but to be honest I much rather like the quiet scene (ie. i'd rather travel with a core of friends somewhere than go on a 'grad trip') I am able to talk to alot of 'ugly' girls etc but when it comes to girls that I am attracted to I just automatically hit this wall - becoming super quiet, ordinary, and dull. That's not the real me though!

    Does anyone else find themselves lacking any sort of drive? Almost like nothing matters at all?
    I know my problem is that I need to be more assertive. But I don't feel like that's me. Or is being assertive just "being who you are" but more so?


    That was a long rant - - - - Cliffs: Rant.
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    You don't have to think much about it, you go for the job that pays you the most, and if you can you get yourself a fun job, then that's something you can take along. If you don't know what to decide on, just continue and most importantly COMPLETE the study you are currently following, if you in the future see a job you like, or want to change you can always still go into a different direction. Its just important to finish what you start, so you won't get any half assed uncompleted studies. If you get that diploma then you might be able to use it , as to can't use it in a situation where you didn't complete the study and might miss an oppertunity later in your life.

    Why are you able to talk to ugly girls, but not with beautifull girls? The answer is because you care, if you didn't give a damn what they think, and if you didn't go with the idea of sex to them, and simply wouldn't care if it would end up in a relationship or not, you would be able to talk to them.
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    Your name is unorthodox.

    So try this.

    Meditate on your vocation. Try to meditate every day, you can do it before going to bed so it shouldn't be that much effort.

    Your Being will tell you what it is. And you will be happy doing it for the rest of your life. From where I am sitting I can tell you that, that IS, by far, the most rational way to pick your career. :) You just need to hear, it is always speaking to you.

    It also sounds like you have a lot of self discovery to engage in. I am serious here. If nothing in life seems worth it, take up spirituality.

    Life and it's distractions has always been somewhat bland to me. I took the spiritual route and that made life very interesting for me.

    Now that I am reaping in the results of spirituality, exersizing, serious self discovery through great calamities, I have felt I am building a strong foundation for my future life.

    You need to be much more conscious. Do not be a bio-electro-chemical-mechanical machine. :)

    Oh, and for girls, just talk to the hot ones like you have no chance. I mean forget sex, forget asking them out, just forget it, and talk to them like you are there friend.

    The difference between me talking to a guy and a girl who are friends? Very little. I talk to my girlfriend differently, but of course that is relationship matters.

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