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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by STEELBOSS, Nov 16, 2004.

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    Anyone have any lactation pics or movies?
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    Pics in F/S is volunteer only.
    If someone wants to share pics it's totally cool.
    If someone starts a thread asking what kind of pics you wish to see it's totally cool.
    Coming in asking for pics? There is another forum here that is for pics. F/S is for sharing your freaky experiences. F/S is not a porn forum. If the sharing of your freakyshiat includes pics then cool. If you do share pics they need to be of you, or someone you have permission to post of (spouse, g-f/b-f, ect). If you don't feel the need to share your freakyshiat with pics, it's still cool. If you only want porn, please check elsewhere. Please don’t link porn sites/copyrighted pics, as that can get us into trouble.

    F/S is a flame free forum.
    No flaming, even if the person flames first. If someone does flame or is rude, only one person needs to remind them that it's not acceptable here and they need to do it nicely. If someone is consistently doing so, contact a mod, that's what we're here for. Also, whats different here, is when someone posts their pic or a pic of their SO, if you don't like it or have nothing good to say, back out of the thread. This isn't OT. We want people to continue to share, so negative comments is going to make them stop.

    If something is posted that you don’t agree with, something you find disconcerting/gross/ect, don’t attack/flame over it. Saying, “OMG, what kind of sick fuck are you, how can you do that” is not acceptable. Saying “that’s not my thing” & leaving the thread is. Everyone has different standards; everyone has different ideas about what is sexy. The fact that you don’t agree does not mean you can flame for it. If you have concerns about safety/legality of something, you can also voice them. Just do so in a manner that lets people see you are concerned.

    Drama doesn’t need to come into or go out of F/S. If you have problems with someone, leave it outside F/S. If something is posted here, by the newest set of rules, don't take it out of here.

    Underage pics are a nono, even if it's the underage person posting them. Please hold all pics until you are 18. We don't want Fazle to get into legal trouble, no matter how nice the pics are.

    Mod contacts:
    Demon of Dreams: e-mail; [email protected] AIM; Demon Z28
    Pixie: e-mail; [email protected] AIM: thepixiehawk
    12xalt: e-mail: [email protected] AIM; one2xalt
    PrettyLush5: email; [email protected] AIM; mpriebe5 (although that probably won't get used much again until the end of August)
    natas: e-mail; [email protected] AIM; cybrnatas
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