Laptop about to die?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by YourMomOnRyeBun, May 21, 2007.

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    When do you determine that you need a new laptop?

    My laptop works fine for what we use it for, although some more memory wouldn't hurt. However, sometimes when we try to boot it, it won't respond. All the indicator lights are on, so I know it is getting power, but it just won't boot. This generally happens when we have completely drained the battery, then plug it in and try to boot. I know this is probably just user error, but it is still frustrating. Sometimes it will just lock up. I have run virus scans and found nothing.

    Anyway, I cannot afford to have a computer failure. We use this for a business and when we are on the road (running the business) it must work NOW.

    So...what are the signs that a laptop is about to die? This laptop is 3.5 years old and has been cared for, but used a LOT. In the past I have always replaced computers because I needed faster processors, they physically broke (dropped), etc. I may have actually just worn this one out?

    What do you guys think about Mac books? Is the transition from PC to MAC hard? I looked at one yesterday and it seems like it is a whole new world. Maybe easier...but certainly different.
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    1. Does your computer's hardware operate reliably?
    2. Does your computer run the programs you need to run without bogging down?

    If you answered "No" to either of these questions, you need a new computer. Otherwise, you don't need a new computer.

    As far as the transition from PC to Mac is concerned, at this point in time you're really just switching to a new user interface. Macs use the same CPUs now, and with a package of transcoded Windows DLLs (such as Crossover Office) they can run Windows programs without any hassle. If Windows just isn't doing it for you, sure, give OSX a try, but now that Windows doesn't totally suck like it used to, switching to OSX isn't going to be a breathtaking experience like it used to be.

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