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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Corvettes4Life, Jun 25, 2007.

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    hey guys my counsin forgot his bios password to his gateway mx3215 bios password. as soon as pc is turned on the promp for the bios password pops up. is there anyway to reset or remove the bios password? i know that on pcs you can do this 2 ways. 1. by removing cmos battery and 2. by flashing bios.

    well I doubt flashing will be able to be done on it since im prompted for password right away and on the cmos i will have to open it up and see if it works.

    anyone have more info? or know how to do this on gateway laptops
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    You could try the jumper/cmos battery thing. Though i think it won't work.

    Most modern laptops does not need continous power to store BIOS passwords. Because if it's as easy as a desktop cmos reset,.... thieves will have a field day.

    You could bring it to a gateway service center and they will reset it for you. They would probably require an invoice or receipt to make sure it's not stolen.
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