Laptop brightness stops adjusting after a few resumes from sleep mode

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by nLinked, Oct 13, 2009.

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    EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED. Seems with this particular laptop (HP 6910p) resetting the display driver (disable and enable) through Device Manager did in fact fix the problem!

    I experience this a lot with laptops and normally have to restart to fix it.

    OS: Windows 7 (Vista also affected, possibly even XP) with laptops from brands like Samsung and HP (might be many more).

    Problem: After sleeping the computer multiple times, eventually there will be one point where when I resume from sleep mode, the Fn + Brightness key for the display brightness will not work. It will not increase or decrease. Future resumes will not fix the problem. The only way will be to restart the laptop.

    Anyone else experience this with laptops? Is there any quick fix without restarting. Resetting the display driver doesn't seem to help (Device Manager > disable video adapter).

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