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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by wiseoldmofo, Jul 7, 2007.

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    I have a Toshiba 1805-S254 laptop. My DVD drive has been having trouble reading discs. Cleaning didn't help.

    I tried a drive that was salvaged from a Sony laptop that died from liquid being spilled on it. Laptop didn't see drive. I bought one off ebay that was the same model drive (Toshiba SD-C2502) that had been pulled from a HP. Same thing....did not recognize drive. My brother-in-law has an older Toshiba laptop (1800 series) and he tried it in his and it didn't work in his either. I took his drive which oddly enough was a Teac drive and it worked in mine.

    By not working I mean the Bios or Windows don't see it and I get an IDE #1 error when it boots.

    One other thing to note, which is why I am wondering if any new drive should work, is I found one from PCDirect that was only about $35 so I called them to ask if they knew if it would work in a Toshiba and he said he wouldn't try it....he named off about 5 brands of Laptops that piticular drive had troubles with.

    Question is....did I try to install two different drives that "happened" to be bad or am I going to need to get a drive that is specifically for a Toshiba Laptop ?

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