Laptop has trouble holding internet connection

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Brandon92DSM, Aug 19, 2003.

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    is there any tricks or procedures I can follow to figure this problem out?

    My PC in the home office runs off the same dial-up connection, which is also just my regular house phone line, and it holds the connection very reliably without ever booting me off. The only difference here is the phone jack, (different rooms), and the computer (or more specifically, the modem). what gives here? does the modem need reconfigured or something?
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    are you sure it's the modem and not the ISP kicking you off for lack of activity? I know that happens with dialup sometimes if you idle too long OR you exceed a certain time (say 2 hours)...
  3. Brandon92DSM

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    Thanks for the info. I took the laptop into the office and tried it with the PC's internet connection, and whadaya know, it worked great. So bascially the phone must be fubar. Now that I recall, I used to get alot of the static on that phone jack when I had the phone hooked up to it. ;)

    How hard is it to replace a phone jack? cuz there are a couple around my house that need to be.

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