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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by OceanJet, Mar 18, 2004.

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    Currently I'm using an HP N5310 laptop (13.3in screen, 7.5lbs, 766mhz, 10GB, 128MB RAM). The laptop is having several problems, but nothing has gone out yet. I at least need a new battery.

    So I've been searching for a new laptop to buy, but haven't turned up much. My use of a laptop will be MS Office programs, Internet (AIM, stock research, light web design, WiFi), Accounting, CD burning, and Music. I am not a gamer. By all means it sounds like I could use an iBook, however all my accounting programs are Windows only and I need Microsoft Access which does not come in the Mac Office version. I do want something light weight and I don't really have a need for a 15in screen. Being able to comfortably take it to Starbucks for an investment club get together or using it on a plane would be great. The important piece, my price range is up to $1500.

    Right now I like the IBM R series: In particular, the value model for $1215.05. Later on I would upgrade the RAM to 512. Is this a decent deal for the money? Any other recommendations?

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    I bought a Toshiba S seriers I believe it was for the company. Couldn't be happier with it. 3 year warranty, you can take it back to the local Best Buy if there's a problem, they've been around forever making laptops, and it was 1500 in CDN funds. Did everything you asked. I'm no longer using it, but the guy who is still loves it.

    My brother who truly has had every make of laptop there is in the last 10 years loves Dell. Good things to be said about IBM as well. Sony - well I think there's a name brand that you're buying into but lots of people are happy with them.

    There's my 4 choices.

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