Laptop in HT setup?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by davidI, Jan 30, 2002.

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    What's the best way to hook up a laptop to a home theater setup?
    I haven't bought the laptop yet so I don't know what sort of outputs it has (it's a used one off of a friend) but my receiver has digital inputs and the standard rca connections.

    How can I hook the computer up to my Receiver if the computer doesn't have a digital out? do laptops usually have dig-outs?
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    Does your laptop have a place to plug in headphones? With my home theater system, I bought an RCA cord that plugged into my laptop like headphones, and then plugged into my audio/video (red/white) outputs on the receiver. Maybe that would work for you as well.
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    worked for me
  4. As the above person said; you can get a standard headphone connection that turns into a red and white rca cabele. Radio shack usually carries this.

    If your really concerned about the audio quality you can get a PCMCIA or USB outboard sound card that has line level out's and discrete connections.
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    the dell insipron 8100, (i believe the new 8200 too), have 5.1 optical out.. It is having some troubles with stuttering in dvds, but heard its a driver issue. Connect it to your sound setup and theres the sound..

    Most laptops got svideo out, just hook it up to yer tv or video.

    If you got a projector :drool: , hook it up to the monitor port.
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    don't use a mini-to-RCA cable, that's not going to get you 5.1.
    it's also going to sound like shit as the DAC and analog output stage of your laptop is not designed for any kind of sound quality.

    you'll need a USB > TOSlink adapter. they should be around $50. You run a USB cable from the adapter to the laptop, and then an optical cable from the receiver to the adapter.

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