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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ctrl_alt_del, Sep 15, 2004.

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    hi :wavey:

    im looking to buy a laptop around £1k (exc vat)

    dont really care about size or weight, as long as i wont break my knees if i use it on my lap ill be happy.

    laptop will be used for graphics apps:
    3ds max,
    studio mx,
    (maybe a few games too if it can cope ;))

    so i think it needs to be fairly powerfull but i dont know much about laptops really so was hoping you guys can help me out. storage isnt an issue as i have a huge removable drive to store stuff on as well. a decent screen is also a must.

    itd be good if it had a few things like wifi, firewire etc.

    if you can reccomend any specific models or brands thatd be great or just generaly help me out with some pointers :x:


    ps.needs to be a uk model or at least compatable.
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    Nov 30, 2003
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    i don't know if you want to purchase internationally. but if price is an important factor to you - check out

    sure its based in the usa - but you may find some stuff.

    Stick to the major brands and you should be fine - from some people i know who have dealt with many laptops (you know the type - the ones who spend $3000 on a new laptop every year)

    Toshiba and IBM are the two top brands from what i have heard.

    if you want portability - go for something small - i know of some nice small (expensive) sony viao's.

    i have a dell inspiron 1500 - custom built - its a great desktop replacement - long battery life - but its heavy as hell - 8.5 pounds roughly!!! - ugh - not fun for portability.

    i just orderd a dell inspiron 700m - much nicer portable laptop - got it for $1100 - after discounds - 4.1 pounds!!! - just got shipped out today - i can't wait to get it on friday.

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