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    So right now, I'm looking at buying a laptop. Except I don't really know much about them, so I'm wondering which manufacturer (HP, Compaq, Toshiba, blah blah blah) is the best? And what kind of things should I look for when making my selection?
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    dell, toshiba, sony, ibm are good ones.
    look for size, weight, battery consumption, and pretty much whatever else you want.
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    im a hardcore PC guy, used them since i was a kid.

    long story short, kept my PC for desktop for games and other misc stuff; got an apple powerbook for laptop. love it to death, so stable; very happy with it.
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    :werd: I'm actually a big Tablet PC fan at the moment, but if you're just looking for a straight laptop you can't beat a PowerBook. If you don't want to shell out the cash for a PowerBook, the iBook isn't a bad choice either.
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    Maybe the most important thing you want to look for is weight (< 4.5 pounds). Trust me, the lighter, the better. If you're getting a laptop, you're obviously going to be carrying it around a lot. 7 pounds may not sound like a lot, but when you add on the bag, the charger, etc it gets quite heavy to carry around, especially if you are trekking across campus or through an airport.

    Try to get one that is wireless enabled. Many places (coffee shops, schools, hotels, car dealerships, etc) have wireless networks, and you'll be able to take advantage of it. However, you can always buy a wireless card later if you need to, they aren't that expensive (<$50).

    Look for one that has a battery life greater than 3.5 hours if you can. The batteries never last as long as they claim, so you might even want to buy an extra if you often won't be near an outlet.

    Other than that you pretty much should look for the same things you look for in a desktop computer. Processor speed, RAM, HDD space, CD burner, etc.

    As for brands, if you don't want to go with an Apple, I like Sony. They make some good laptops that are small and light.

    If you want a really good bargain on a small, light laptop, check out this one (it also had a rebate, not sure if it still does):

    My sister just got that one to take to school, and she loves it. Of course, she doesn't have anything to compare it to, but oh well, she still loves it. The only bad thing I can see about that one is that you may want to buy an extra battery because the battery life isn't all that great.
  6. What laptop brand is more reliable and DOESN'T have too much problems (i.e. low maintenence/repair)? At work, I've heard that Fujitsu is an excellent brand and doesn't have high maintenence problems. Anyone agree?
  7. In addition, since I'm in the market for a laptop, my absolute needs are:

    • At least how much RAM should I get?
    • At least how many GB's for the hard drive must I have for multi-tasking and storing a lot of files/programs?
    • What's a better microprocessor; Intel Pentium 4, Centrino, or AMD Athlon?
    • The ideal Video/Sound Card
    • I normally will use the laptop mostly for gaming, finances, internet, and multimedia projects (i.e. photoshop, illustrator, CD/MP3 burning, MS Office, etc.) more than what my current p-o-c/s (piece-of-crap/shit) PC with Windows 98/Pentium 2 is falling short of.
    The laptop will be my computer, an additional PC/Backup PC at home (if mom/dad use it), and in case I/or they travel.

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