Last/Best race you went to?

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Guido The Penguin, Dec 21, 2001.

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    Oct 7, 2001
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    p'cola, FL
    Whats the best race you've ever been to? Or whats the last one you went too?

    For me, it was this years 12 Hours of Sebring.

    I have some good friends that live a couple miles from the track, so accomodations were excellent. Plus, they have a reserved trackside parking spot near the hairpin complex.

    Every year for it, they have an big used Ryder truck they back right up to the fence. Then build a scaffolding area on top of it to watch the cars go by. Plus they have a large tent they set up to cook food, sit in chairs and watch the race.

    And the best part, they're own personal, locked Port-O-Potty :big grin::big grin:

    This past year, I got there on Wednesday, and was at the track almost the whole day from Wednesday afternoon till after the 12 hour race late Saturday night.

    Here's some pics I took.

    2001 12 Hours of Sebring in Sebring Florida.
  2. 12xalt

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    Sep 14, 2001
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    Hazel Dell, WA (Portland, OR)
    Best? Probably the 85 or 86 Olympus Rally in Washington State. The 85 was won by Hannu Mikkola and was the first time I got to see a group B supercar. Until then I'd been Buffum and Millen and although they are cool to watch, they just don't compair to the international drivers. That first S curve, on the stage that my family always marshalled, when his Audi came around the first corner in my view will be in my head forever. It was fucking beautiful. I was about 2 feet from the road when he went by me.

    Then, the 86, it was the race for the world championship title between Alen and Kankennen (sp?) and whoever won was gonna get the title. There were so many top class drivers there that year. Alen won, and gave me hit Pirrelli hat and a kiss on the cheek. Who cares if he's an ugly mf, that was damn cool. I also spent an entire stage chatting with Mikkola's co-driver about that events competitors as they fly by. Can't remember his name right now, but he was very cool. (wanna say Arnie Hertz, or something like that)

    Recently, I went to a national event in Washington, which the haven't been that great lately, but still fun. I think it was the Wild West.

    Current favorite driver to watch, Carl Jardeval in a two wheel drive bright yellow Volvo.

    And, of course, last years Oregon Trail Rally. We had parked the cars well off the road behind the tape. Good thing too. It was a night stage, pooring down rain (in Oregon? what a shocker) and about half way through the pack, we heard a car coming but didn't see any lights. The fucking co-driver had a flashlight in his hand and holding it out the window. They drove off the corner and into the banner guard. Backed up, and then the light was going all over the place. Turns out the banner guard got tangled up around his arm and he was trying to shake it off. Too funny. We all shined our flashlights on the road up to the next corner for the driver.

    Next day we found out that their alternator had gone out and that they finished the entire stage that way. It was almost all up hill and they were afraid of killing the car and not getting it going again. They went off plenty of times, but always got help or got it turned around. They even hit snow a mile above us. Troopers I tell ya.

    Oops, that was kinda long. Sorry.
  3. flynfrog

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    Jul 16, 2001
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    last race i went to was my own motocross race best race ever thats a tough one indy or daytona 500 not sure what one
  4. Buck-O

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    Im going to have to echo 12xalt on the 85 Olympus Rally. I didnt make the 86 as i was in Cali at the time. But even at 4 years old i can STILL remember the Audi, and the Pugeot 205 T16. We where located at one point on a stage where there was a "crest", more like a Mickey Thompson stadium jump. It was a rolling crest with a VERY steap grade down the back side, about three times the drop distance of the ramp up. Anyway, i can just remember standing near the back side of the jump, watching the quatro fly over the jump and looking at al the rivits holdong the sump guard plates together, and the wheels flinging mud all over everywhere. Again another image burned sharply into my head forever. And has brought me to be the rally fan i am today. Even though at the time, i didnt really understand it.

    Last good race i went to was the ALMS weekend at PIR in 2001. Seeing the Spedvision GT/TC series, the Mazda Star series, Trans Am, and ALMS all in one weekend. Plus a couple friends of mine i went with had some inside info, and some contacts to get us full pit access. Got to talk to the Audi crew, and even shot the breeze a bit with people like: Johnny Herbert, Frank Biela, Jorg Muller,Rinaldo Capello, David Brabham, Emanuele Pirro, and anyone else in a driving suit that happened to be walking by. Overall it was a great weekend, and i cant wait to go back again this year to watch it. It should be great.

    Hey 12xalt, you should PM me some info so i can get incontact with you. I live about 5-10 minutes from the staging area at the hotel where they have Park Expose for the Wild West rally here in Olympia. Plus im usually at Tillimok for the Oregon Trail as well. And try to make as many of hte NW Club Rally events as i can. We should get together and go to a couple of them, provided we have the time. Let me know.

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