last friday my 2nd computer stopped connecting to the network

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by diaper eater, Jan 29, 2005.

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    so what is the deal here, it mysteriously stopped connecting to the network, tried restarting all the components, tried running the internet directly to that comp to bypass the router, tried a diff network card, tried a diff cat5 cable, i tried basically everything hardware-wise, and have narrowed it down to being software in the computer, so i tried to fill in some ips in the network info cuz they were blank, and i put in and oddly enough on the other computer on the network, which works FINE, it said there was an ip conflict, so the computer is on the network, and the other computer knows it is, but it doesnt know its on the network itself. so whats wrong? my friend at school is having the same problem too
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    Probably not much help here, but...

    If you're using a router, that means you've got the LAN option checked, right? It should have the option to automatically detect network settings, then even give you the option to install a network driver from your Windows CD (if I recall correctly). If you've got several computers on the same network, and the network driver was, say, installed using XP SP2 and you're running SP1 or Windows ME or something, I don't think you'll connect.

    Could be wrong, but maybe that'll give you some ideas.

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