Late Night Detail Crew : Vanilla Moose Glaze as a quick detailer?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by dan avoN7, Apr 25, 2008.

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    I detailed my car this weekend. Did a wash, clay, opt. polish with blue pad, poorboys ex-p sealant with gray pad, clearkote vanilla moose wax with red pad.

    I've drove the car a total of two days this week since detailing the car. I am getting up in about 6 hours to go do a small photoshoot of the car. The car has a tiny bit of dust on it and I don't have any quick detail spray. Without washing the car can I use Clearkote Vanilla moose glaze as a quick detail? Just put it in a spray bottle and spray the car then wipe dry, would this be okay? Or should I use clay magic clay lube spay as a quick detail spray? Looking for something other than fully washing the car to clean it up.

  2. Scottwax

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    Honestly, I'd stop by an autoparts store and get a real detail spray. Never even considered using VM in that fashion.

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