LCD monitor can't show light colors

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by crotchfruit, Feb 14, 2005.

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    I've found that my LCD monitor can't display light colors.. kind of annoying. I made a test HTML file with a simple table that showed all the colors from #FFFFFF (white), #EEEEEE, #DDDDDD, ... , #111111, #000000 (black). Anyways, I can tell the difference between every increment except for #EEEEEE which looks identical to #FFFFFF. No matter what I do, anything above "E8" seems to translate to "FF". If I do #E7E7E7 I can then tell the difference.

    I don't have this problem on my CRT, which displays EEEEEE just fine.

    I'm currently using the analog DB15 port (because my video card does not have DVI.) If I go to DVI, will it fix this problem?
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    it may or may not fix the problem. It will likely improve, but it may not completely eliminate the issue. This is a problem with LCD's where it's difficult to decern shades close to the extremes (black and white)

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