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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by dem0n697, Mar 27, 2004.

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    Im looking at getting a LCD Monitor/TV for my computer which will also double as a replacement for my current tv (15 years old an dying faster than expected...)

    Right now im looking at two different 17" Widescreen Monitors with TV inputs.

    The Sceptre 17" Widescreen ( $499 i beleive is what it was) has basic TV inputs but does not have Picture in picture and is not HDTV Capable.

    The Dell WT1700 ($699) has all the features of the Sceptre, but it also is HDTV Ready as well as has picture-in-picture so i can watch TV at the same time as surfing OT or whatnot. I do already have a HDTV/Digital Cable subscription through comcast so that feature is starting to appeal more and more..

    Im wondering if getting the 17" Widescreen is worth getting, if I'll be disappointed with it (i have a 17" CRT right now) or if theyre even worth the $$$ ill be dishing out.. Do any of you have these? Also do you know of anywhere else with better deals?

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