MMA Lee Murray could be free on monday

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    One-time UFC fighter Lee Murray (8-2-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC) will not be extradited to the United Kingdom to face charges from an alleged $105 million robbery that Murray is said to have masterminded, according to UK-based Kent News.

    Jailed eight months ago for drug possession and assaulting a police officer (stemming from a separate incident) in Morocco, Murray could be freed as early as Monday.

    I first reported this Hollywood-blockbuster-like story yesterday. Check it out for the details behind the largest robbery in UK history. now reports:
    A Moroccan court has rejected a request from Britain to extradite a cage fighter wanted for questioning over the £53 million Securitas robbery.
    The country’s supreme court ruled on Thursday that Lee Lamrani Ibrahim Murray is a Moroccan citizen so should not be sent to Britain.
    Mr Murray, who holds dual Moroccan and British citizenship, is thOought to have masterminded the raid on the Tonbridge depot last February.
    He was sentenced to eight months in a Moroccan jail in a separate case on Tuesday after being found guilty along with three other Britons of drug possession and assaulting a police officer.
    Because he was arrested in June, he could be freed on Monday.
    Less than half of the $150 million has been recovered.

    I have no idea if Murray was actually the mastermind or if he would still have any of the money, but a guy with $75 million sure could throw one hell of a “welcome home from prison” bash.

    UPDATE: To see Murray’s impressive digs, check out this photo gallery. I find it hard to believe someone could afford a place like that on a fighter’s salary. (Thanks to Jason for the link.)


    Viva those god awful gold shell chairs! :rofl:
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    He could probley never get to the US to fight now, oh well.
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    Tito needs to fight someone he might be able to beat other than Ken Shamrock

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