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    Where this should go I dont know but I dont really want to post in the main forum in the event assholes want to take advantage of the situation and be dipshits about it, if it belongs somewhere else mods feel free to move.

    5/1/2002 my grandma purchased a car in a years time the car broke down and needed major repair. What all has been done to the car is speculation at this point but we were under the impression the car was getting a new engine replaced, but we think it was not replaced but rebuilt instead. The charges inolved I am still unaware of but have found to receipts amounting to 2000 down and another for a couple hundred for a intake manifold. The 2000 down for repairs lists a new engine being installed. There was 1600 more owed. Anyway she didnt have the money to finish repairs and the car sat at the garage for over two years. Six months ago her and my mom had drove past there and claimed they had seen the car still setting there. The original terms is the man who was repairing the car said he will keep it on lot till someone ca post the money left owed for repairs. Four months ago she stop paying on the car because she felt there was nothing more she could for it, she could not come up with the money to repair the car.

    The car was eventually up for resposession and this is where the problem is. Repo guy went down to get the car but said he did not find it there. A litigation officer was brought in to find out what happened to the car. The garage claims they have no record of the car being there so it is obvious to me their not playing fair here. I gave the repo man a copy of these two receipts, what they will do from this point on I have no idea. Garage may be lieing or they could have just gotten rid of the car for money owed, who really knows. The financial bank wants the car thats pretty much all they are interested in but since no one can find the car... :dunno: Now repo people I have experience with they are not in your favor, only the banks interest so they dont have to offer any help or advice, the litigation officer made a remark that if the car is not found that the local sheriff will be by to talk to her and possibly pick her up and placed in jail. The guy who I gave the receipts to said he would contact us after they have more information I guess but I highly doubt that.

    My question mainly here is I think I should seek an attourney and go from there, but what kind fo an attourney do I need to hire? I think it would be best to hire legal help in the event this goes sour.

    Any advice would be great.
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    Alright Listen up , for some by God akward incident i saw something exactly simular on t.v a few days ago.

    Basically in the t.v show, the garage got the benefit of the doubt because (there was NO WRITTEN declaration) Thus the person who left the car in the garage was responsible ,charged and lost the case.

    Now here is the following.

    If you place your car at a garage the garage owners who take in the car has responsibility over the well-being of your car. If the car goes missing, or is damaged then the garage is obliged to repay the damage that is caused to your case.

    If the dispute is mentioned, best that you can do *if you have legal papers that state that the car was under the responsibility of the garage holder* accuse the garage that they wanted to get rid of the car because your grandma was unable to pay for the exeptional high bills. That it was doubtfull that the whole engine should be repaired, that your grandma is 'old' and was uninformed about an estimate cost that could at least make her asses if she could pay for the damaged car or if she should bring it to the scrapheap, that only afterwards she got a bill presented of 4k that she was no where near able to pay off and (for example) exceeded the current value from the car from the year (xxxx) Tell the judge how she had to pay off the bills for this expensive dispair , and how the garage made the car 'dissapear' (while showing the legal documents that the car was located at the garage) Its very simple, if you still have the bills of the garage, you can prove that the car received repairs, further more if you can prove that the bill (isn't payed off) then the idea of 'confiscation and conspiracy' by the garage is more then well proven, because we all know if you don't pay your bills your possessions will get confiscated.

    Now you have to tell your lawyer something like this(warning however) Lawyers are expensive, this bs might cost you more then the entire car did. A (dangerous) legal move with be to ask the judge ' Your honour this case is stuck to its core, we need your help to break thru this situation, for the bank at (saint louis for example sake) wants to confiscate this car that got missing and sold to a third party at the garage ,which in its turn has brought my poor grandma to financial bankrupcy and thru unimaginable pain at her age at which she is not able to fully comprehend the untransparent financial affairs that would come in aftermath of these expensive repairs in which the garage is fully responsible for. Unclear policy against elderly people, which included lack of information, lack of transparency, lack of responsibilty in financial context,ownership property surveillance,and mishappenings at the garage

    for in the end your grandma gave the car in confidentiality to the garage ,and the garage misabused that responsibility towards any damage extending to misrepairs, misconcepts and misconducts would result in the loss of property which clearly is the fault of (name garage) ,which therefore you demand a 'replacement' of a working car,as well as paying off the bank holders who haunt your grandma for a car that is not even in her possesion anymore due to the chaotic adminstration of the Garage holder,therefore determine that the loss of the car at the garage make the garageholders responsible for the big mess you are fighting in the court today.

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