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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by phoenix1105, May 23, 2009.

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    Long story short I spilled a bottle of Red Bull down the air shaft in my last gaming rig. I want another... here is some info to point me in the right direction. I have a laptop that I carry between home and work, a "beater" comp, with XP on it to play some of the older games. I mostly play stuff like Civilization, Diablo2, Doom3, first person rpgs, turned based strategy and real time strategy. I suck at FPS so I stay away from those.

    I want something that will play most anything out now, and have the power to upgrade it later... The most power intense game I have at the moment is Empire Total War, Star Trek Legacy, or Runes of Magic. I also play Command and Conquer Series. Slowly I am getting into some of the Internet based MOO Games, like Magic The Gathering, Final Fantasy.

    I want to use a dual monitor setup if that matters.?

    I have a Case already Thermaltake Armor, speakers, keyboard, mouse. 4 GB of DRAM 3, CD DVD drives, and plenty of hard drives.

    My budget is 2k tops. I am wondering about 32 Vs 6 bit OS, and which version of windows to buy. I also want 2 or more video cards

    I was also thinking about intel's new l7 chip set, but that means new mobo, ram, and lots of $. I am looking for quality over price.

    Can anyone throw some pieces that would work together. If you could link me to it, even better.

    Thanks, Jason
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    doesn't sound like you want to do anything that would make your beater break a sweat

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