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    What's OT's opinion on the Lenspen? I'll be going to a couple races in the next few weeks and the track can get dusty. Would the Lenspen be effective in brushing off the dust? Or should I get a B+W UV filter and maybe sacrifice a bit of quality. I don't want to ruin the front element on the new lens I just purchased :o It'll probably only be a little bit of dust so would it even affect image quality? If not, I could just clean it properly when I get home.
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    I love mine. The "eraser" bit on one end works wonders over other wipes & cleaners. No smudging or smearing.
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    They're great. The brush bristles are optical grade and the auto-applying spot goo works wonders and stuck on bits. Don't use the brush on your censor though, and dust on the front element rarely impacts your final image, the surface area is so large (comparatively) that the dust usually makes up a fraction of a pixel. However dust on the rear element of censor can take up dozens of square pixels.

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