Leopard: Cloudiness and Spaces, and Timewarp.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by verbal, Nov 24, 2007.

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    1. I've been using computer since I was 15, and when every new OS comes out everything always has a different look to it. Even webpages I go to everyday look different. Brighter, better, etc. Maybe it's all in my head, I dunno.

    Last night I formatted and installed Leopard. In the few hours I use it I really like it. But as I mentioned with every OS upgrade, everything looks different. Leopard seems to make everything look kinda cloudy or dim. Web pages I go to everyday don't look as bright and crisp as they used it. Anyone else feel this way?

    2. How are you guys using spaces? I have a couple ideas I haven't tried yet, but I'm curious how you guys are using them.

    Playing with it yesterday, I went to space 2. I moved the mouse to the left side of the screen and an arrow showed up and it moved to space 1. I haven't been able to replicate this. I know there are keyboard shortcuts, but I never touched the keyboard.

    3. Does timewarp require a partition? I have a external drive I use for my iTunes library. Can I just use timewarp with that and not worry about losing data on it? Or does timewarp erase and/or partition it how it wants?

    4. How are you guys using stacks?

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    1) i have no issues with my web pages
    2) i use spaces only if i have a lot of things going at the same time. just split web/email/music on 1 screen, and everything else i'm doing on the other
    3) time machine needs an external drive or a seperate drive if i remember correctly, formatted from scratch just to use for it.
    4) stacks i use for 2 folders, downloads and files i use everyday
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    Leopard's window borders are a little darker...maybe that's why?

    I have no issues on my side of things looking that significantly darker though.

    You hold ctrl + arrow to switch spaces
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    i'll be honest with you, i have noticed that my screen has been darker since i installed leopard, i thought i was just imagining things...

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