Let's discuss the Pioneer Pro 110 and 150.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by amill94, Sep 24, 2007.

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    I was in great anticipation of these sets before they were released. I have seen and played around with both. What does everyone think of them, in particular the pro-150? Now, the 150 I have only seen in a store location, and I played around with it and it just seems dim...compared to even the 6010....and other pioneer panels. Mabye this one is just bad, or something else...I'm not too sure. Like I said I've played with the 110 at a friends house and the set is :bowdown: . I'm going to get a set in March to replace my 3 year old dlp, either the 110 or 150, but I just don't know if I'm digging the 150 with the extra large bezel(sp) and deeper recessed screen. I'm going to check it out in some other store locations soon too see if mabye the one I saw had some sort of issue since it was real dim.

    What do you guys think? Anyone mess with either set yet?
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    what's the point of this thread? :squint:

    yes, I have played with both, and yes, they are teh best displays out in the market, period! They have a higher premium than equivalent displays, but you are paying for incomparable Black levels/contrast ratio/ PQ/Processing.

    not sure what you are asking here. If you want reviews, goto AVSforum and there is a huge thread with review links.

    if you are asking to get assuring feedback, I can guarantee you that you are just wasting your time, and you should already be shopping for the best deal possible you can get.

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    motherfuckin .

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