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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ChillerTwist, Aug 24, 2004.

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    the darkness
    tribal/prog/classic.. in whichever form you like it

    tribal is my fav. lately i've been listening to a lot of chus & ceballos, 2 dudes out of spain. awesome releases by these guys. they're known for their dirty tribal beats, and u can hear a lot of the good stuff in the "Iberican Sound" CD releases.... there is 3 of them i think.

    So they're comin to toronto again in october gona hit that party up. last party i went to was Behrouz. he's another awesome house DJ from LA. Labour of Love is coming up too in Toronto.. with Deepdish, Sander K, and infusion live.. just to name a few.

    discuss? :hs:
    this forum looks pretty dead
  2. I bought this killer Josh Wink record yesterday called "Bongo Madness" it's so wicked!!

    I'm partial to tribal as well but I love deep jazzy house and can get down to some basic hard 'jump up' stuff as well.

    My suggestions DaneMan: Orbital or Mr. Oizo.. they're along the same kind of lines as your taste, but a little different also... :dunno:

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